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Game Thread Preseason Game 1 - Chicago Bears VS. Buffalo Bills



Ralph Wilson Stadium
7:00 P.M. EST NFL Network
Sirius Radio: 122 Opp: Buffalo Rumblings

Chicago: Finally! The most significant off season in recent Bears history. The Bears spent a lot to bring in Jay Cutler, the most talented QB the Bears have ever had. The Bears are still a run-first team, but to finally see a QB who can win from that position will be a great thing. I'm not sure how long the starters will play, but the Bears need to go long at least once, to hold us over.

On defense, we know you don't go all out and open up your playbook to show all your blitzes and the like, but for all the talk about Maranelli, I'm hoping to see that DLine put some pressure on the QB. The secondary is probably the biggest question mark we have coming into the season. The Bears have Tillman out to injury, reports that Vasher hasn't played very well and the supposed future, Steltz, bumped for a late round draft pick.

Buffalo: I'm not sure what the Bills are looking for, but Brian over at SB Nations Bills site does.

What will the no-huddle look like without Owens?

Game two for the offensive line

Will the backup quarterback(s) improve?

Defense looking to rebound

Young linebackers getting a chance to shine