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Bears Drop First Preseason Game To Bills 27-20

It is the first preseason game of the year, the Bears had a ton of starters not playing, and the Bills ran a no huddle offense all game. So it isn't a big deal, but despite only losing by 7 points, the Bears were sloppy.  There were missed tackles, dropped passes, missed assignments, bad routes, and random other problems.  The good thing is those can be fixed.

The long awaited debut of Jay Cuter was just OK, even with his obsession with throwing to Devin Hester.  Urlacher and  Briggs looked good.  Let's just take a look at how some of our rookies did and I'll let you all take over.

Johnny Knox, 2 rec for 22 yards, 1 punt return for 39  yards

Juaquin Iglesias, 1 rec for 1 yards and 1 TD, 2 returns for 59 yards

Jarron Gilbert, 4 tackles, 2 solo

Marcus Freeman, 3 tackles, 3 solo

So what did you think?