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The Bears Den - 8/17/09


....where we are suddenly keeping an eye on those Afalava jerseys.

In The Den

Chicago Sun-Times

Brad Biggs tries his hands at some observations.

Now we start the Jay Cutler portion of the Sun-Times, part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Chicago Tribune

David Haugh is among those that insists on analyzing everything Cutler says and takes it as a bad thing.

A little love for Craig Steltz.

3 Bears who hurt their chances.

3 Bears who helped their chances.


A little stock up and stock down from Jeff Dickerson.

In the Vicinity of the Den

Game Thread Roll Call

Just Dave 89
Allie 68
WCG 62


Since I'm just filling in, it is only appropriate for me to bring back the pic of the day and I had to bring a good one for the guys.  This is April Rose (don't know if we've had her on here before).  She won some Maxim contest and is a Bears fan.


Out of the Den

Rex Grossman is out 4-5 weeks.