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The Bears Den - 8/18/09


....where a three-day golf outing is the second best thing to happen this off-season.

In The Den

670 The Score

Laurence Holmes breaks down Saturday's game.

Some of the Bears rookies reacted differently after scoring TD's on Saturday. 

Caleb Hanie solidified his role as the Bears' #2 QB.

Chicago Sun-Times

The cornerbacks are turning into a major concern for the Bears. Thanks for that analysis.

The Bears' WR's are lacking. Again, terrific analysis.

Chicago Tribune 

Steve Rosenbloom talks about Devin Hester.

The Bears are ready to regroup with Monday's practice.

Rod Marinelli thinks the DL still has some work to do.

Daily Herald

The Bears have more work to do before Saturday's game. Thanks, Bob!

The verdict is still out on Cutler. After one preseason game.

Barry Rozner speaketh!

Detroit News

Terrence Metcalf signed with the Lions. Best of luck with that, kids.

ESPN Chicago

After looking at the game tape, Desmond Clark said the game wasn't as bad as previously thought.