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The Bears Den - 8/19/09


....where the return from said golf vacation was the worst thing to happen this off-season.

In The Den

670 The Score

Don't sleep on Matt Forte. Can't tell if this is a story or a life lesson.

Q&A with Ron Turner about last Saturday's game. 

Brandon Rideau vows to play better after not playing well last Saturday.

Brian Urlacher and the Bears aren't surprised that Brett is back.

Chicago Sun-Times

The Bears are waiting on Zackary Bowman just as much as Charles Tillman. 

Secondary concerns are looming. Well, thanks. This is the second article in as many days saying THE SAME THING!

Chicago Tribune

Lance Briggs is the newest Bears blogger. BTW - I guarantee he's not this eloquent. 

Charles Tillman believes he'll be ready for the opener.

Caleb Hanie looks like a capable backup QB.

Devin Hester is fine with Jay Cutler's take on his INT remarks.

Tuesday's practice notes.

Erik Kramer critiques Jay Cutler.

Daily Herald

Mike Imrem's take on Brett returning. 

Ron Turner still has confidence in Jay Cutler. Duh.

Here's some more miscommunication about the Cutler interception. Seriously? Still? It's Wednesday, boys and girls - drop it.

Caleb Hanie is confident he can get the job done at QB.

The corners aren't looking too sharp. Really? Took ya this long into training camp to figure that one out?

The Bears aren't worried over Favre joining the Vikings.

ESPN Chicago

Ron Turner still has confidence in Jay Cutler. God save me, I hope so. 

Some of the Bears' responses to Brett going to the Vikings.