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The Bears Den - 8/20/09


....where we welcome all but Rick Morrissey.

In The Den

Kevin Payne is ready to have a productive season. I'm glad. 

Jerry Angelo is confident that the Bears' O will have a better showing on Saturday.

Marcus Freeman blogs about his experience last Saturday.

Cutler thinks the Bears O just needs to go out and relax.

Chicago Sun-Times

Frank Omiyale was named the starter at the LG spot. 

Rick Telander came through and actually wrote a fairly brilliant article.

Tony Dungy supports Marvin Harrison to the Bears. The sooner Dungy goes away, the better.

Cutler watch.

Chris Williams is happy the media circus isn't surrounding him this summer.

Chicago Tribune

Speaking of Rick Morrissey, he decided to discuss Brett Favre. Click at your own peril. 

Kevin Payne's versatility is an asset for the Chicago Bears.

What's known and unknown as the Bears break camp.

Despite the shaky start, Jerry Angelo likes what he sees in Jay Cutler. Duh.

Daily Herald

Bob LeGere thinks the Bears players really are looking forward to playing against Brett Favre. 

Jay Cutler was ugly in the 11-on-11s. Everyone panic!

ESPN Chicago

Injuries have given Corey Graham a chance to start. 

Cris Collinsworth called out the Bears defense.

Frank Omiyale is staying at the LG spot.

Cutler clarifies his Hester remarks for the umpteenth time.