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The Bears Den - 8/21/09


....where Cutler sucks and we're all screwed.

In The Den

670 The Score

Will Lovie be able to juggle numerous tasks this season? 

Chicago Tribune

Steve Rosenbloom wants to the first-team offense to play at the same time.

Again, the Trib is stirring the "Cutler said that Hester's a poo-poo head!" pot.

Daily Herald

Want drama? Favre vs. Cutler will be an excellent start.

Bob LeGere hands out some training camp awards.

Jay Cutler looks to improve in tomorrow's contest. Really? I thought he would try sucking more.

Looks like the starter at LG isn't as cemented as we thought.

The secondary becomes the primary concern for the Bears. How many articles like this have we read this week?

ESPN Chicago

Moving forward from training camp, Jeff Dickerson talks about what can be done.