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The Bears Den - 8/24/09


....where school starts today and we're not very pleased about it.

In The Den

The Bears offense looked sharp in the win over the Giants. 

Matt Forte looked fantastic on Saturday.

Chicago Sun-Times

Jay Cutler is a gift to Bears fans....another Telander article. 

Jay Cutler also showed the Bears that he's worth an Eli-esque contract.

Tommie Harris didn't play terrific on Saturday.

The post-game wrap up from the Sun Times.

Brad Biggs has some final thoughts when it comes to Bourbonnais.

Here are a dozen random thoughts from Saturday's contest.

Chicago Tribune

Three Bears who helped themselves on Saturday.

Three Bears who hurt themselves on Saturday. 

Dusty Dvoracek is scheduled for an MRI on his knee.

More after the jump....

The post-game wrap up from the Tribune.

Jay Cutler looks like a winner in his home debut.

Not only did Cutler look good, but the WR's made some nice plays on Saturday.

The wrap-up from Bourbonnais.

Daily Herald

The Cutler-Olsen era is ready to take off. 

If Jay Cutler gets injured, what happens?

The post-game wrap up from the Herald.

Ron Turner reminded Jay Cutler that the Bears plan to run the ball if the offense is sputtering.

A photo gallery from Saturday's game.

No use denying it: Jay Cutler is a special talent.

ESPN Chicago

The big guns came out firing during Saturday's game.

Green Bay Press Gazette

Sign of the Apocalypse: Green Bay TV stations are carrying eight Vikings games this season.

Greg Olsen's Blog

Olsen believes the WR's could surprise this year.

Sporting News

Our very own wiltfongjr writes on the blueprint for success in the preseason.

wiltfongjr also muses on Brandon Rideau's development.

Mike Florio's old players with big expectations.


An ode to Brett Favre. Check it out.