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NightLink: Cutler now praising McDaniels?

I just read a story on Yahoo sports by AP Writer Arnie Stapleton, Cutler has good things to say about McDaniels.  Here's his open;

Now that they've been separated for five months, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has high praise for Broncos rookie coach Josh McDaniels, whom he'll see in a preseason game at Invesco Field this weekend.

Cutler says in the brief time he spent with McDaniels he could tell Bill Belichick's latest disciple was an offensive mastermind. Cutler said the Broncos are in good hands with McDaniels and quarterback Kyle Orton.

 After the jump see Cutler's take on a few other things...

More Cutler on on McDaniels;

"He's going to be a good coach, I think their offense is going to be fine. I think Kyle's going to be fine. (McDaniels) is an offensive mind."

On his departure from the Broncos;

"I think both sides would change certain things and go about it a different way, but I think both sides are happy now and we're moving on,"

On disgruntled Bronco receiver Brandon Marshall;

"None of my business. I'm out of the loop on that whole thing,"

And finally on his former Head Coach Mike Shanahan;

Cutler said he hasn't spoken with former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan, "Mike's busy playing a lot of golf,"

So much for heating up the Shanahan to Chicago rumor!