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Preseason Game 3 - Chicago Vs. Denver - Pt. 2



Invesco Field
7:00 P.M. EST Network: NBC
Sirius Channel: 122 Opp: Mile High Report

You know the networks were salivating when they saw this one show up on the schedule.  The return of Jay Cutler to the home field of the team that tried to trade him. Say what you want, but in hind sight, it was a good move. What is happening in Denver is a borderline tire fire.

Being the third season game, we could see the starters go as far as the third quarter depending on how they look. After last week's performance I think we are all expecting to see much the same if not a better performance.

Denver is still trying to figure out what they have going over there with Kyle Orton. From experience we can tell you the good one game, bad the next is something they may have to get used to. Charles Tillman and Zackary Bowman did some light practice this week, but I don't think we are going to see them much if any. They really are the missing pieces as far as our defense goes.


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