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Mr. Cutler Goes To Denver...and Waxes Em

I'm sure Broncos fans were talking big on the call in radio show this past week about what their team was going to do to Jay Cutler, but sadly for them their bark was worse than the Bronco's bite.  The Bears offense looked a little shaky at first due to the noise and some bad Oline play, but they settled down and put a hurting on the Broncos.

The final score was 27-17, but is wasn't that close.  Cutler finished 15/21 and 144 yards with 1 TD and a 106.1 QB rating.  Every Bears player got in on the pass happy offense; biggest of all was  Greg Olsen with 3 catches for 47  yards.

The play of the Broncos wasn't the only problem for their fans as a number of players went down, including Kyle Orton, who seems to still be trying to figure it out.  It could be a deep cut or something like a sprain, but they seem sure it isn't a break... but anything on the throwing hand is a problem.

What impressed you most this game?