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Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Denver Game

-We saw another great offensive performance last night, most notably from Jay Cutler, Greg Olsen, Desmond Clark, and Caleb Hanie.  Matt Forte had a solid performance as well

-Trumaine McBride missed a couple of open field tackles.

-Rashied Davis stepped up big time on Special Teams play.

-In the first quarter, Jay Cutler had Olsen open for a first down pass, but opted for a deeper pass to Dez Clark for the conversion.  That is confidence from a QB.

-I kept jotting down how good Pisa Tinoisamoa seems to be.

-Orlando Pace had his hands full... got beat several times in passing situations.  Did not seem to be very nimble.

-Anthony Adams played smart football, staying at home on a reverse, and snuffing out pulling guards.

-Corey Graham shedded a block and made good open field tackles twice last night.

-Dez Clark is playing with a sense of urgency and aggressiveness.  Will be more of a receiving threat than we may have thought.  Ran hard after the catch.

-The DLine is definitely getting off the line fast, which is one of the main things Marinelli coaches.

-Jason McKie had several great lead blocks.

-The defense stopped the run in the first half, only giving up 6 yards.  Second half, gave up several good runs.

-Al Afalava was quieter last night, but played very well in rushing situations in goal line stands.

-Johnny Knox beat Alphonso Smith for 43 yards... Smith was considered one of the best cover men in this year's draft class.

-Adrian Peterson ran very well... seemed much more aggressive with the football.

-Roberto Garza pulled out twice as lead blocker.  Looked very strong, providing great blocks.

-When Cutler was interviewed on the sideline, and asked about the WR corp, he made a comment that he "doesn't know who we're gonna get."  Was that a slip up?  Are the Bears still looking to acquire someone?

-Briggs and Urlacher switched places twice in short yardage situations.

Who did you see step up last night?  Who may have cost themselves a roster or starting spot?