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The Bears Den - 8/6/09



....where it's Day 7 of training camp and Daily Norseman still sucks.

In The Den

Forte knows that sharing the workload will benefit him. Article reach #1. 

Jerry Angelo speaketh!

Brandon Rideau wants more playing time. Snore.

Chicago Sun-Times

Rashied Davis laments the loss of the Arena Football League, mostly because that was his other option once the Bears release him. 

The Eli Manning deal raises the stakes for Cutler's contract.

Defense is key to the Bears' season. Article reach #2.

Here's the story behind Kevin Jones staying with the Bears.

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Chicago Tribune

Brian Urlacher talks about the urgency to win. 

Wednesday's practice notes.

Tuesday's practice notes.

Jay Cutler watch #1.

Pisa Tinoisamoa won't be handed a job. Article reach #3.

Daily Herald

Pisa Tinoisamoa is learning the Bears' defensive scheme. Article reach #4.

Jay Cutler watch #2. 

Marcus Harrison is back on the field and practicing.

Kevin Jones feels healthy and ready to contribute.

Tommie Harris is 100% but getting limited reps....someone needs to earn his damn paycheck for a change.

ESPN Chicago

Zackary Bowman's teammates are hoping he returns from his injury soon.