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Lance Louis Under Investigation


Typically, it's hard to have many secrets when you are a collegiate football player trying to break into the NFL... the trainers, coaches, scouts, etc., go through your past with a fine tooth comb.

Sometimes, an old injury from high school might slip through the cracks, not to be revealed until after the draft. Sometimes, a jilted ex-girlfriend comes out of nowhere and demands money for a child that the player never knew existed until his new found financial freedom.

In this case however, you'd think it would be hard to hide the fact that an offensive lineman beat his own team's starting safety (and by beat, I don't mean "ran by him") so badly that the injuries sustained caused the safety to miss the remainder of the year.

In round seven of the 2009 draft, the Chicago Bears took a flier on guard Lance Louis with a compensatory pick.

Now, Louis is facing possible felony battery charges as authorities investigate a November 5, 2008 fight during a San Diego State team meeting.  Starting safety Nick Sandford emerged from the exchange with a concussion, a broken eardrum, and a fractured cheekbone.  

Sandford missed the rest of the season due to the injuries.

Ouch.  And throw in the fact that the coach didn't report it for two reasons (he didn't want to have his starting QB in harm's way by losing his best OLineman, and he didn't want to jeopardize Louis' chances of getting drafted), and you've got a good, old fashioned, cover-up.

I wonder how this will all play out...

Helmet-tip to ifuwannacrownem.