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NightLink: Is it safe to buy a Bears offensive jersey?

This article is basically taking a look at Jay Cutler and how he has affected Bears fans.  Basically, he is daring us to fall for offensive football.

"Our mantra has always been to beat the crap out of guys and run out the clock," explained Tom Thayer, a former Bears guard and current radio announcer for the team.

This season, almost 25 years since its last Super Bowl win, the Bears have made their boldest attempt to reverse the trend by trading for Mr. Cutler, who threw for a decidedly un-Bears­­-like 4,500 yards and 25 touchdowns last year in Denver while starting every game. "There's no possible way this player should have been available," says Leigh Steinberg, an agent who has represented many top quarterbacks.

Early indications are good: In Sunday's preseason game, he passed for 144 yards in the first half and capped that 98-yard drive with a precisely located touchdown strike.

For Chicago, having a marquee quarterback in town is an adjustment. Since 1949, when long-time owner George "Papa Bear" Halas traded Bobby Layne for cash and a draft pick, the team has been cursed.