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Nightlink: More Bears - Packers Hype!

This Sunday Nights game is getting it's proper due on a national scale.  Personally I can't remember another Bears season opener getting this much national publicity.  I guess when you have two young quarterbacks, one of which is a year removed from replacing a legend in Green Bay and the other has the potential to become the QB legend in Chicago, you'll get some respect.  Dennis Dillon of the Sporting News is calling this, Two big guns are ready to go off.

Dillon says it best;

When it comes to NFL rivalries, Packers vs. Bears is the Big Kahuna.

I wonder if Kyle Orton was still taking snaps in Chicago, would the hype be this magnified?

Cutler fever. You have to go back as far as Jim McMahon -- or, possibly, Sid Luckman -- to find a quarterback who has lit such a fire under Bears fans.

Cutler fever...  catch it!

The other young gun. Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers hasn't been too shabby himself.

The other young gun?  I wonder how many Packer fans consider Cutler the "other" one?

Dillon does raise a good point about Special Teams play;

Special teams. One of the reasons the Bears have won seven of the last 10 meetings is because their special teams have outplayed the Packers' unit. The Bears' special teams have excelled under coordinator Dave Toub, finishing No. 1 in the league in 2006 and 2007. New Packers special teams coordinator Shawn Slocum, promoted from assistant special teams coach, needs to match Toub in their game within the game.

On a side note how long til Toub gets a head coaching gig in the NFL?

Here's a link to their game preview, right here!

I can't wait for tomorrow night!