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Chicago Bears VS. Green Bay Packers



Lambeau Field
7:20 P.M. CST NBC
Sirius Channel: 127 Opp: Acme Packing Company

Finally! In what has been one of the longest and let us admit most fun off seasons in Bears history, we have are ready to kick off our 2009 season. And what a way to start, against our long time rivals, the Green Bay Packers. The NFC North made a huge shift in philosophies this year. It has gone from the Black and Blue division to a division that hosts 2 of the best young QBs in the league, an all-timer as well as an old-timer and Detroit might have finally gotten themselves the piece they need to start moving up the ranks. As many as three teams from the division have the ability to make it to the play offs. I've seen the Bears, Packers and Vikings predicted to make the Super Bowl on different sites.

In the NFL, every game is important and this game brings with the it the added importance of being a rival game and the overall affect of being a division game. The Bears get the Steelers at home next week, without their all world safety. While it doesn't cripple the team it certainly doesn't hurt our chances. Iif the Bears can get through the first three games at at least 2-1, they will be sitting nicely for a playoff run as they enter the easier portion of their schedule with teams like Detroit, Cleveland, San Francisco and St. Louis spread out in the middle of their schedule.