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Bears Fall To Packers 21-15

There are two ways to look at this.  One. Cutler had 4 INTs, the Bears inexperienced WRs may have been the reason for 3 of them, we lost a ton of guys to injury, we had a horrible fake punt snap and Vasher sucks.  Or two, we had to have played the worse game we are going to and we still had this game won until....Vasher sucked.

This is going to keep everybody in the Bears organization in full throttle to fix a lot of things.  I'm sure the Bears are hoping that they will have Bowman and Tillman back for the full game next week and that will fix our secondary.  More importantly the Bears have some serious issues at both the receiver spot and offensive line.  The Bears will probably sit on what they have for receivers.  Earl Bennet, Devin Hester and Johnny Knox all had good games overall.  They will just be spending a lot of time watching tape and talking about cutting off routes.  The offensive line on the other hand looked down right horrible at times.  The Bears are going to have to do something there or Cutler is going to be running a lot this year.

So to recap, Favre wins, Orton wins and Cutler loses. 

Cutler did have 277 yards and 1 TD in an otherwise horrible performance.  That does speak well of what can happen.

Despite the problems with their routes the Bears young receivers had good games.

Hester had 4 catches for 90 yards

Knox had 2 catches for 82

Bennett had 7 catches for 88 yards

Your turn and try to keep the doomsday speak to a minimum:)