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The Quotable Bears - Week One

Where to start....I'll just make some quick points and get on to the good stuff.

- First, yes, Jay Cutler made some dumbass mistakes. At the same time, our receivers today were fairly useless (see: Jason McKie and Desmond Clark). BTW - Don't read David Haugh's article; it's full of useless babble. Jay Cutler is known for having a mouth....get used to it.

- Speaking of which, if I see any more MHR people over here on game threads trolling for no reason, just know you'll be banned. You've been warned.

- Our defensive line did well at times, and at others looked like last year. Our linebacking corps looked great until Urlacher and Tinoisamoa went out.

- Devin Hester needs to stop returning. Period. Done. No mas. He's continuing to run east-and-west rather than north-and-south.

- Jason McKie is still a piece of crap in my book. I don't care what he did yesterday. He's fat, slow, and worthless.

- Earl Bennett, on the other hand, did look decent. I was happy with what I saw from him.

- Matt Forte and Greg Olsen = bad fantasy selections. Yikes.

- And before we start making ridiculous statements, Lovie is to blame for the winning TD drive on Rodgers. It was clear that the call was geared to have Afalava up in run support - our defense was in the right position. Unfortunately, Rodgers took advantage of it.

- Brian Urlacher needs surgery for a dislocated right wrist and Pisa Tinoisamoa has a sprained PCL ligament? Awesome.

Anyways, let's get to it.


Lovie on the game:

"It's pretty simple what happened tonight. Any time you have four turnovers, you're normally not going to win the football game, especially against a good Packers team. The turnover ratio normally tells the story. We turned the ball over and they capitalized on it, and on the other side of the ball we weren't able to take the football away, and it's tough to win when you do that."

Lovie on Cutler:

"He was trying to make plays. Sometimes when you get off to a tough start and you have a couple bad plays, you want to make amends for it a little bit. We needed to make plays throughout, but we have to protect the ball better than that, there's no way around it. We're not set up that way. No team is set up that way. Jay will play better next time out."

Cutler on his performance:

"It was a rough first half. The three turnovers put the defense in a hole. [The defense] gave us a chance. We kind of bounced back, but ultimately [the turnovers] got us in the end."

Cutler on the expectations:

"It's tough. I think probably the city of Chicago is disappointed. I'm disappointed. Ninety people in that locker room are disappointed; coaches and players. So it's tough. But we've got 15 more games to play. There's a lot of football left. This team I think ultimately in the end we're going to overcome this one and bounce back, and we're going to be fine."

Nathan Vasher on his trip:

"I lost my footing a little bit, but I definitely have to be on top [of the pass route]. This was probably one of the roughest losses because as a team I felt like we really fought."

Lance Briggs on Urlacher's injury:

"It's always tough to see your leader go down. He knows the defense better than anybody, he communicates everything to everybody else. We have depth, and that depth produced. They're going to have to. You have to understand that football is not for long. It can happen any day, and it happened today. Guys got to come up and guys have to play big."

Pisa Tinoisamoa on his injury:

"When the guy [Ryan Grant] got tackled, he kind of flew into my knee. I hit the ground awkwardly. It's definitely frustrating because it's the first play. The good thing is that the early prognosis is the PCL [sprain]. They tell me Greg Olsen had a similar injury, and was only out two to three weeks. That gives me reason to smile."