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The Bears Den - 9/15/09


....where the reaction from some of our fellow Bears fans make us want to poke ourselves in the eye with a rusty shank.

In The Den

670 The Score

Laurence Holmes talks about Sunday's game.

The post-game write up from Larry. 

Chicago Now

Here's a unique perspective on Brian Urlacher's injury.

Adewale Ogunleye blogs about the game.

Chicago Sun-Times

Urlacher's out for the year....are the Bears looking towards Derrick Brooks? 

Ten points to ponder from the loss.

The Bears are expected to sign LB Tim Shaw.

More after the jump....

Chicago Tribune

David Haugh's article from Sunday's loss.....beware, you'll lose brain cells. 

Steve Rosenbloom discusses the loss.

The Bears' secondary is still a primary concern for the Bears.

Rick Morrissey speaketh!

Patrick Mannelly discusses the botched fake punt.

Pisa Tinoisamoa is day-to-day with a knee sprain.

Daily Herald

Is there a bright side to the loss? 

The post-game write-up from the Daily Herald.

Images from the game.

ESPN Chicago

Jeff Dickerson's wrap-up from the game. 

Tom Waddle hands out some grades from the game.

Who's streaking and slumping for the Bears?

Melissa Isaacson writes about the impact of Brian Urlacher's injury.

There's not all doom and gloom with the Bears.....

Greg Olsen's Blog

Greg Olsen wrote a blog entry last Friday about the Green Bay game.

Sporting News

wiltfongjr has a terrific writeup from the game.