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Nightlink: Payton Statue at Solider Field?



Did you know the Walter Payton family is donating a statue of the greatest football player in the NFL's history to the Chicago Bears? Over on the Yahoo sports Shutdown Corner Blog, the topic of the Walter Payton statue is broached.

As it turns out, the Chicago Park District doesn't want the statue in front of Soldier Field, because the area surrounding the stadium is designated strictly as a memorial to war veterans.

The blog makes a lot of really good points, and I especially like his solution;

Soldier Field, though, is not an inappropriate environment. Football is present there. At the entrance to Soldier Field is where the statue would probably be most appreciated. Put the statue there, surrounded by a well where people can toss coins, and collect those coins and give them to foundations for disabled veterans.

Head over and read the full post, then come back and tell us what you think.

EDIT - Here's a video from Yahoo sports about the statue.