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Nathan Vasher's Job Officially in Flux

We've been talking about it for years now.  We need to replace Nathan Vasher as our #2 corner back, but the Bears never acted on it.  We thought in the beginning of the off-season that this would be the year, with Corey Graham showing some good skills last year. Due to concerns elsewhere, he was moved to safety, only to see him come back to corner too late to make a move to dethrone Vasher.  Then Zackary Bowman stepped up and seemed a likely candidate until he got hurt. 

In week one versus the Packers, the Bears ran Vasher, Tillman and Bowman in and out with Tillman and Vasher getting the bulk of the reps.  Vasher will still see plenty of time, but the Bears have announced that Bowman will start next week against the Steelers....kind of.  The announcement isn't official, but Bowman has been practicing with the first team offense.

With Trumaine McBride out, the Bears cannot shed Vasher yet, but if we can get him covering a third string receiver and not the most dangerous man on the field, perhaps we can avoid these last-second bombs that seem to often beat us.