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Notes, Scribbles, and Things Jotted Down: Steelers Game

There are a lot of different ways to look at last night's win against the defending Super Bowl champions, but the bottom line is that we won the game.  There weren't too many folks who thought we had a chance to win, especially considering we had two backup linebackers in the starting lineup.  But, Lovie Smith and company fought their tails off, and had Soldier Field rocking last night.

- The defensive line is firing off of the football very quickly, especially the DEs.  That was one of the biggest thing that Coach Marinelli preached in the offseason, and you can really see it on the field.

- Missed tackles have had me banging my head against the wall for years and years, and, while last night there were fewer than the week before, it is still happening too much.  

- The OL did a stellar job of protecting Jay Cutler, considering who they were blocking (the Steelers racked up 51 sacks last year, 2nd best in the NFL).  Cutler only got sacked once.

- Charles Tillman was out of position a number of times last night, and even fell down while in coverage once.  He made a couple of nice plays, but last night was not a good game for him.  Big Ben seemed to target him on a few drives.  Glad to see his INT.

- Devin Hester, the Good: Seems to be gaining more and more confidence at the WR position.  Drew a lot of double teams, and ran good routes.  The Bad:  has a problem trying to judge when to let a punt go, and when to fair catch it. Second week he has pinned us back on our own goal line because he let a ball go that he should have caught.

- Cutler has happy feet.  Granted, the Pitt pass rush was great, and Cutler didn't have a lot of time last night, but it seems like every drop back, he is shuffling his feet too much, and constantly throwing while off-balance.  It would be great to see him sit still and set his feet when throwing those lasers.

- Cutler plus Knox equals :)

- Maybe I missed something (I couldn't hear the commentary), but why in the world was Adrian Peterson getting so many touches late in the second quarter?

- Ben Roethlisberger found holes in Lovie's Tampa-2 defense all night.  Most of his passes were from 3 step drops, and there were always people in the soft spots to throw the ball to.

- Lance Briggs and Alex Brown are good.  Really good.  Hunter Hillenmeyer got handled last night.  Made a few good plays, but did not shed blocks very well.

- Too many penalties!  While only getting three flags a week ago in Green Bay, the Bears registered 80 yards in penalties last night.  Can't let that keep happening.

- Looking at the upcoming schedule (Seahawks, Lions, Bye, Falcons, Bengals, Browns, Cards, Niners, Eagles), it would not be far-fetched to think we could be 7-3 headed into the game in Minnesota Nov. 29th.  That will be a huge game for the NFC North.