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The Bears Den - 9/22/09


....where we're convinced we'll have to publish another anti-Morrissey piece soon.

In The Den

670 The Score

The Bears' running bus is in the shop, writes Laurence Holmes.

Alex Brown is expected to play against Seattle.

Johnny Knox is continuing to blossom on offense. 

Chicago Sun-Times

Brad Biggs takes a look at four plays from Sunday's game. 

Biggs' quick take from the game.

Chicago Tribune

Steve Rosenbloom has a man-crush on Johnny Knox. Can't say I blame him. 

Alex Brown should be able to play against Seattle.

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Hunter Hillenmeyer filled in admirably for Urlacher.

David Haugh has a catchy title....worthy of the B&B "Hey, hey!"

Daily Herald

Alex Brown should be able to play against Seattle.

The post-game write up from the Herald. 

ESPN Chicago

Bears - Steelers postgame notes. 

Jeff Dickerson's longer thoughts on the Steelers and Seattle games.


Helmet tip: GallopingGhost

This is quite possibly the best article I've read in a while. It's eloquent and makes excellent points....make sure you read this article.

An excerpt:

Unbelieveably, after a come from behind win, critics are STILL taking swipes at Cutler.  The latest out of the golden tower on the North side has a bitter reporter giving the entire team grief for sticking up for their embattled QB thru a difficult week of game prep.  "OK, we get it. The Packers game never happened, comrades." writes Rick Morrisey, criticizing statements made by Greg Olsen regarding the play of teammate Cutler last week.  What happened to objectivity?  What happened to report what you see?  Where is the story in a player's demeanor following a loss?