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NightLink: Dan Pompei Answers Questions, and ESPN's Power Rankings

On the Tribune's blog, Dan Pompei responds to some questions about the lack of production from Matt Forte, about our group of WRs, and the pass rush during the first two games thus far.  Here's an excerpt:

What is going on with Matt Forte? He seems tentative to hit the line. Is it the new line or is something going on with him like an injury?

Dave, Omaha, NE

Forte was a little nicked up in camp, but if he's still hurting the Bears are keeping it a closely guarded secret. I don't think Forte has run well, but I think some of it has been out of his control. The Bears played two very good run defenses in their first two games. And they have not blocked for him very well at all. It will be more alarming if Forte continues to struggle this week in Seattle.

Also, ESPN released their week 3 Power Rankings.  The Bears beat the defending Super Bowl champs, so surely we had to move up a bit from last week, right? Wrong. Granted, ESPN's rankings don't mean squat, but still. Interestingly enough, the Ravens jumped from #10 to #1.