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The Bears Den - 9/23/09


....where we would never call our loyal readers "dim wits."

In The Den

The defensive changes Lovie made fueled the Bears' rally. 

The Bears are maintaining an even-keel approach after their win on Sunday.

Chicago Now

Adewale Ogunleye blogeth! I agree with most of what he's saying minus the booing thing. Life ain't easy, Wale. Get used to it.

Chicago Sun-Times

Carol Slezak: The Bears are too conservative on offense. 

Johnny Knox's slight rise on Chicago's radar.

Hunter Hillenmeyer gets a high mark for Sunday's game.

Chicago Tribune

The play of the game last Sunday was.... 

Johnny Knox is speeding into the spotlight...."Hey, hey!"

Jay Cutler and the Bears get graded by Dan Pompei.

What's wrong with Matt Forte and Juaquin Iglesias?

More after the jump....

Daily Herald

Tommie Harris needs to step up. 

The Bears' defense came alive on Sunday.

The Bears' players are on the same page with their coach.

ESPN Chicago

Matt Hasselbeck wants to play against Chicago.

The aches and pains of the Chicago Bears.

Notes for the Bears - Seahawks game.