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NightLinks: Tweets, Practice Squad, and We Hear From the GM

We've got three links for your perusement tonight, so let's get to 'em.

First, we hear from Bears GM Jerry Angelo on Johnny Knox (a hot topic lately).  He also talks about the defense (and the LBs specifically), and his thoughts on Jay Cutler.  The questions come from Larry Mayer...


LM: At least early in the season, it looks like Johnny Knox could be the steal of the draft. How unusual is it for a rookie fifth-round pick to perform as well as he has to this point?

JA: It’s very unusual for a rookie, let alone a fifth-round pick. With a first- or second-round pick, there are going to be expectations. But with a fifth-rounder, there really aren’t any expectations. There’s probably only a 50/50 chance he’s going to make the team, let alone come in and play. So far it’s been a great story. It’s a testament not only to his talent, but to the kind of person he is in terms of his work ethic and his attention to detail. I feel that he’s handled the big show so-to-speak with a very pragmatic approach, and we’ve seen that every day. Everybody around here has said something good about him at some point. So we’ll keep our fingers crossed.

Next up, we have some updates on our Practice Team.  We dropped Woodny Turrene to make room for Johan Asiata:

To make room for Asiata, cornerback Woodny Turenne was let go. There is a chance Turenne will return soon. He made some nice plays in training camp and preseason, but the Bears are stocked at the position with six corners, including rookies DeAngelo Smith and D.J. Moore. It's difficult to develop three young players at a position where only two or three are generally needed on the field at a time.

Also from Brad Biggs, we have some Tweeting going on:

Tommie in his gear, so he might work today.

Cutler: "There are going to be places to fit [Aromashodu] in."

Tinoisamoa not practicing today, unlikely to play sunday. Dez clark out with broken rib.

And make sure you all chime in and vote for Johnny Knox in the link provided by wiltfongjr earlier today!