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The Bears Den - 9/24/09


....where we're baffled by the Bitter Betty's calling out the Bears.

In The Den

Chicago Sun-Times

Mark Anderson received a package from the NFL on Wednesday.

Let's not rush to judgment on the Bears' run game.

Run-challenged Bears are losing their balance.

Jay Cutler talks about how painful it would be to play with a cracked rib. 

Chicago Tribune

The win over the Steelers is one of Lovie's top five wins.

Here's a quiz on Johnny Knox.

The Bears are preparing to face Matt Hasselbeck....

....but if he can't go, an NFL scout compares Hasselbeck and Seneca Wallace. 

Daily Herald

Mike Imrem has a new perspective on the Walter Payton memorial statue.

Barry Rozner discusses how Lovie Smith benefitted from the win.

The Bears DL is wreaking havoc thanks to Lovie Smith and Rod Marinelli.

Alex Brown was held out of practice on Wednesday. 

ESPN Chicago

Olin Kreutz isn't dealing too kindly to the running game questions.

Alex Brown was held out of practice on Wednesday.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh is a little yappy, calling out Jerry Angelo and the Bears for not reaching out to him.