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NightLink: Lovie's Top 5 Regular Season Victories

Lovie Smith has been the head coach of the Chicago Bears since the 2004 season, with (including this season) 82 regular season games under his belt.  Of those 82, he has won 47.  It would be quite an undertaking to try and rank the top 5 wins during this span, but David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune gave it a shot.

Maybe the win over Pittsburgh last week inspired him, because that game showed up as #5.

5 Bears 17, Steelers 14

Sept. 20, 2009

Soldier Field

It may not lead to anything if the Bears don't take advantage. But if the team gets to the playoffs, this could be the Sunday they point to as the reason why. At 0-2, the Bears would have faced long odds. In finding a way to rally, they showed character every head coach likes to see.

Defining play: Johnny Knox's TD reception from Jay Cutler for the game-tying score -- a connection between a quarterback eager to prove and an unproven wide receiver that renewed hope in a football city.

Without looking, can you guess Haugh's remaining 4 games?  Would his top 5 be your top 5?