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Chicago Bears Score Late.. Again, Win 25-19

Perhaps it is time to resurrect the old Cardiac Bears moniker.  The Bears are making a habit our playing ugly early and falling behind, but in the 4th quarter Jay Cutler is money and while Johnny Knox, Earl Bennett and Greg Olsen  seem to be his main targets, Devin Hester is becoming a go to guy in the clutch.

The Bears should have walked away from this one in a route, with all the players the Seahawks had out to injury, but as they say these are the games that build character and make  you a tough team late in the season.  This was a must win game to keep from falling into a tie for last place with  Detroit. 

Of course, there are still problems.  The Bears could not get their run game all.  Matt Forte and this offensive line could only muster 61 yards against a D that gave up over 200 to Frank Gore

Despite what we may want until further notice we are a passing team.  Sizzle ended with 241 and 3TDs.  Bennett led the Bears with 4 catches for 80 yards and a 2-point conversion catch.  Hester, Olsen and Forte all had over 4 catches.  Olsen, Hester and Johnny Rocks had TD catches.

The Bears D again was suspect at times, but stood tough when they needed to.  With the Detroit at home next week and the Vikings and Packers playing each other the Bears have a prime opportunity to make up a game one of them.