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NightLink: 2008 vs 2009 WR Numbers

In tonight's NightLink, courtesy of Larry Mayer, we get a chance to look at our WR numbers compared to last season, Brad Maynard's shanked punt, and when the last time all 3 North teams won on the same weekend.

For all the outcry over the lack of experience at the receiver position during the offseason, the Bears receivers appear to be the strength of the team, or at least playing the most consistently thus far. How do the receivers compare statistically to last season’s receivers after three games?

Brooklyn, New York

Bears wide receivers have been much more productive through three games this season than they were last year. Devin Hester (13 receptions for 187 yards and 2 touchdowns), Earl Bennett (13-168-0) and Johnny Knox (9-159-2) have combined to catch 35 passes for 514 yards and 4 TDs. Last season Bears receivers Brandon Lloyd (13-216), Rashied Davis (8-58), Hester (2-13) and Marty Booker (2-11) combined to catch 25 passes for 298 yards and 1 TD in the first three games.