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The Bears Den - 9/3/09


....where we need more one-liners.

In The Den

Caleb Hanie is looking forward to making the most of his time on Thursday. 

Here's an interview with Jerry Angelo about Rod Hood and other issues with the Bears.

Chicago Sun-Times

Jay Cutler is content with his receivers. 

Cutler's input also makes the Bears receiver decision a lot easier to deal with.

Chicago Tribune

The Rod Hood signing is unrelated to Tillman's statement that he might not be ready for the season opener. 

Are the Bears looking like a billion bucks or 3rd-worst owners in the NFL?

Daily Herald

Three Bears are still battling over the 3rd WR job. 

The secondary is starting to get healthy.

ESPN Chicago

Five Bears who are on the bubble heading into Thursday's game. 

Could Matt Jones help our receiving corps?