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Sunday NewsLinks

The site numbers suggest a lot of you are poking around today, so I thought I'd bring you a little bit of fresh news links to discuss.

The Bears have signed seven players on the Practice Squad-

The group includes quarterback Brett Basanez, defensive end Ervin Baldwin, defensive end Joe Clermond, guard Johan Asiata, fullback Will Ta’ufo’ou, cornerback Woodny Turenne and center Donovan Raiola.

Garrett Wolfe expects to contribute significantly this year.

"A lot of people forget the fastest way to the end zone is straight up the field," Wolfe said. "People make a big deal about running to the perimeter. It's always good to stretch the defense, but no matter which way you go, those same 11 defensive guys are going to be there."

And, if any of you are interested in tedious slideshows, here is one called "Meet your 2009 Chicago Bears".