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The Bears Den - 9/8/09


....where unlike the Bears, we have a great playing surface.

In The Den

670 The Score

Laurence Holmes' notes from Monday's practice.

Wolfe is ready to step up into the #2 role.

Chicago Sun-Times

Jarron Gilbert's next trick is moving into a starting role with the Bears.

Players comment on Soldier Field's playing conditions.

The once-great defense is a little iffy. Seriously, Neil Hayes, get a new job.

Chicago Tribune

Brian Urlacher blogeth!

The Bears main concern is.....getting a backup running back? I can think of two other major needs before that.

Brian Urlacher is happy to take a backseat to Jay Cutler.

Moral of this article: Teammates believe in Devin Hester.

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Daily Herald

The Bears can overcome the loss of Kevin Jones.

One-on-one with Cutler.

The Bears are hoping their WR's perform to NFL standards.

ESPN Chicago

Rashied Davis is running his yap again.....if only he was good at catching balls as he is talking.

Charles Tillman is all about injury-Lovie-speak.