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The Bears Den - 9/9/09


....where we're convinced the Bears aren't as eloquent writers as the Tribune wants us to think.

In The Den

670 The Score

Do the Bears have an advantage going against a 3-4 defense?

Charles Tillman is encouraged after finally returning to practice. 

Devin Aromashodu knows that his work is just beginning.

Chicago Sun-Times

Desmond Clark stands by his sod commentary. 

The offensive firepower of Green Bay is just the first in a tough stretch for the Bears.

The Bears' DB's are all back, but don't expect Lovie Smith to tell you who will start.

Chicago Tribune

Greg Lewis was released by the Patriots....should the Bears take a flyer on him? 

Dick Butkus is passionate about his anti-steroid program.

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Rick Morrissey speaketh!

Will the offseason work pay off for Tommie Harris?

Marcus Harrison is ready to play in Green Bay.

Daily Herald

Moral of this article: As long as Cutler wins, he can run his yap all he wants. 

Charles Tillman returned to practice, but still has a long way to go.

To Dick Butkus, the defense is still the key for the Bears' success this season.

Wolfe's quickness makes him a big-play threat. I'll believe it when I see it.

ESPN Chicago

Jeff Dickerson believes the Bears' biggest problem on Sunday night will be Ryan Grant. 

The Bears announced their 2009 captains.