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The First Bears Den of 2010!


...where we are confident that 2010 will be a great year!

In what seems like a recurring theme for Bears WRs, Iglesias may benefit from patience.

Briggs finds draft position as source of motivation.

Coach Dungy say good luck in finding someone better than Lovie or Jerry.

Cutler buys his linemen plane tickets.  I wonder if they were one way...

Good read on the Bears and Free Agency in 2010.

#23 is finally getting back in the practice saddle.

If Hester is ready to go, what happens to Aromashodu?

Also, will he return punts and kickoffs Sunday if he plays?

Game in Motown sold out... no blackout for finale.

D. Manning wants to stay in Chicago.  I wonder what position he wants to play?

A. Brown talks about Urlacher and Hillenmeyer.

Lovie talks about team's captains and leaders.

Fireworks in Iceland.  Damn.

Fireworks in Sydney.  Double damn.

This is what happens when you fire the editor and don't replace him.

Tell us your NYE stories if you got 'em!