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Fewell ready to accept Bears job--just hasn't been offered. Yet.

Adam Schefter and ESPN are reporting that Fewell will be the Chicago Bears Defensive Coordinator by the end of the week. They just have to get that pesky interview thing out of the way.

Brad Biggs makes a solid case for Fewell at the Trib today. A highlight:

Fewell also isn't afraid to introduce new ideas. When the Bears were preparing to play the Falcons in Week 15 in 2005, he suggested they try some "46" defensive fronts against the Falcons, something he had seen work against them in the past. The Bears put the film on, liked the idea and went to what they called their "King" front with five linemen. They throttled Atlanta 16-3.

It would be nice to go back to throttling Atlanta, wouldn't it?

Helmet tips to Allie, Vegas Brian, and CloudyFuture for the heads up to the stories.