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The Bears Den: 01/11/10

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...where our members make us the best Bears website on the internet!

Guess who's a finalist.  Again.  Will Dent finally get in?

Fewell on Monday, Bates on Tuesday.  So much intrigue...

How's about Jim Chaney?  Interesting idea.

Mike Martz, ftw?

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David Haugh talks about Nick Saban and the Bears.  Not his best work.

Frazier to Buffalo? 

Lol, duh Ron...

An unlikely pair talks about getting together in the offseason.

Doug Plank digging things with the NYJets.

USA Today's always thorough team report.  Good jorb folks!

Pompei: Hester for Marshall?

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And finally, a quick thank you to all of you, our members, who make this website what it is.  This year has been very tough for us as Bears fans, but we are looking towards 2010 with high hopes and unwavering devotion to our favorite football team.  WCG is the undisputed best Bears website on the planet, and that can be 100% attributed to you all.

Thank you!