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Bears Plan B's start now-Zorn and Gilbride in the running for Bears OC position?

Bears_medium With the news that Jeremy Bates is likely following Carroll to Seattle, the list of  Bears candidates is growing again. The list is going to become long, and likely fulled with a lot of rumor and false projection, but nearly anybody is in play right now. Besides the obvious Mike Martz news, other known and recently ousted names are starting to show up.

CSNChicago's Kip Lewis is saying that two (one poorly) experienced individuals, Jim Zorn and Kevin Gilbride, could be possibilities for Chicago.

Gilbride could potentially join the team as the offensive coordinator, whereas Zorn could serve as either the quarterbacks’ coach, the offensive coordinator, or both.

John "Moon" Mullin elaborates his thoughts on this idea.

I'm not 100% sold on the effectiveness of either of these moves, as Zorn was never a coordinator before he was magically appointed head coach, and Gilbride is thought of as a strong possibility for Oakland should they decide to send Tom Cable to the wolves. 

The other problem with Gilbride is that he's currently labeled "Offensive Coordinator" for the Giants, which would make his switch more more difficult.

What make you of these new names?