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Perry Fewell at Halas Hall


Earlier today Larry Mayer of via his Twitter page has reported Fewell is at Halas Hall interviewing for the defensive coordinators position.  The Bears website also had a story up on his interview, right here

There has been a lot of back and forth about him being a good hire or not, with many Buffalo Bills fans giving him a thumbs up and the main negative from Bears fans is he's a Lovie guy.

Windy City Gridiron also had a 1st hand report from Hurricane.Ditka;

Stood next to Lovie Smith at ORD today...

Working at the airport this morning, Lovie Smith showed up at O’Hare waiting by the chute where passengers come out of. He was there to greet Perry Fewell. I talked very briefly to Lovie and he was very jovial and "buddy-buddy" with Perry. They took the escalator up to a waiting vehicle I assume.

I would say, based on the fact that Lovie was there to greet Perry and the fact that they were so jovial and buddy-buddy with one another that it’s a good bet that Perry Fewell is the next defensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears.

This was all this morning in terminal 1 at O’Hare at about 8:05-8:15 am.

Could Perry Fewell be hired fairly quickly?  Will he weigh his other options?  Stay tuned!!!