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Bears OC search continues; Free-for-all Open Thread

In a world of literally as it happens media, we have the ability to know exactly what is going on at exactly the moment it is happening.  Which is great when details are concrete; but sometimes it's only hear-say.  Keeping up with radio shows, Twitter feeds, etc. provide us with a voyeuristic view of what is going on with Chicago's search for a new offensive and defensive coordinator, and the last few days have been hectic to say the least.

Where are we now with the OC position?  Let's take a look-

Jeremy Bates was the initial front-runner and fan favorite, but his boss at USC is headed to take the Seattle gig.  We saw some contradictory reports about whether Bates would go with Pete Carroll, but at this point the signs are pointing to him not being the next Bears OC.  Maybe that's a good thing, because there has been some talk about how maybe he wouldn't have been the right guy after all.

We heard the reports that Kevin Gilbride, the NYG's OC, was also a candidate for the Bears post.  Per his agent, that ain't true.  Well, that's that.

Jeff Fisch's name has popped up, but is he still too green for a full-blown NFL OC spot?  Some say yes.  Many have also mentioned him for a QBs coach, but in an ideal situation, the OC will be hired first, and be given the opportunity to bring his own position coaches in.  There are exceptions, and the Bears may be an exception to that in this situation.  As for Fisch, he may have better options than the Bears anyhow.

Then, there's the wild card in all of this: Mike Martz.  He really, really wants another shot at coaching in the NFL, and has to be salivating over the idea of potentially coaching Jay Cutler.  Some say Lovie Smith has already reached out to Martz, but the team thus far is keeping him at arm's length, for now.  Aikman says that Martz would be good, and I tend to put stock into what Aikman says.

I have been travelling over the last three days, and may have left someone out that is getting consideration, or may have stated something inaccurately.  Help catch me up, and let me know if anything needs to be added or edited!

What are your thoughts on where the situation is, and how do you think it will turn out?