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Rules pertaining to hiring NFL coaches

Wcg_thumb_notes_mediumIf there's one thing I try and do in some of my writings, it's to drop a little knowledge.  I try to bring something to light that may be confusing to some, because usually it's something that was confusing to me.  A couple weeks ago I tackled the subject of lateral moves in my post, The Asst/HC Title in regards to Lateral Moves.  I did what I usually do, I went with info I've learned through the years along with some info I pulled from doing a few Internet searches.  After posting it I received an email politely letting me know that I may have gone with some wrong and/or outdated info, and after looking into the matter further I realized that I probably did.  I immediately edited my post to include the new stuff that was brought to my attention, but it was so far after the fact I don't think enough people saw it.

So... let's try this again...

First off, the info I received in my email is from a website called Pro Star Coaching.  The following is from their front page;

Representing today's NFL and college coaches is big business, as the lines between sports and business continue to blur. ProStar has been adding clarity to that picture for our clients since 1988. Our coaching division quietly, professionally and discreetly represents some of the best coaches around. Coaches put their trust in us for our experience, contacts and market savvy negotiating skills. Put us to the test.

Now all I know about them is what I read on their website, so take from it what you will.  But it looks like the real deal.

Here is the specific link I received in my email, right here and in pdf form.  Here is the heading and first paragraph of the pdf;


 "Anti-Tampering Policy" In Plain English



TWO TIERS OF COACHING STAFFS:  a coach is either the Head Coach or he is an Assistant Coach, regardless of what title a team may give it's coaches. The League office only recognizes Head Coach or Assistant coach when it enforces the Anti-Tampering Rules.

 And from a little further down the document;


  • Assistant coach - to - Non Head Coach opportunities
o    Note: "promotions" to coordinator level are NOT promotions under this policy; a coach is either an Assistant Coach or a Head Coach, period.

So...  either at some point the NFL changed the rule in regards to lateral moves or all the other info I heard and found was false.  I also found a good read on written by Jason La Canfora, titled; Changing coaching staffs isn't as easy for teams as it once was, the following is from his article;

Unless a coach already under contract is being interviewed for a head coaching job, or a personnel exec is being interviewed for a promotion to general manager that would involve final say on personnel, their existing team can block any meeting. Many out there think that only a lateral move can be blocked. That is not true on the coaching or personnel side.

Which we all saw happen when the Packers refused to allow Tom Clements to interview with the Bears.  Here is another snippet from his piece;

Back in the day, it used to be you offered a promotion, you got your guy in town for an interview, and he got a deal done. That is no longer the case.

AH-HA!  Back in the day that was the case!  According to him at least...  But anyway the rules are what they are now and you need to get permission to interview other coaches under contract.  Some teams, out of professional courtesy, will allow their guy to interview with another team if he's getting a promotion.  The Bengals must have let the Bears interview Ken Zampese.  His article also touches on the economy being down and the CBA expiring as other reasons it's difficult to change a coaching staff, if you're interested in that part of the NFL it's worth a look.

Hopefully this will help clarify some stuff that I erronously posted in the past (Damn!), but if you have any other questions just drop em in the thread and I'll try and answer as best I can.  I do feel a little more educated on the subject now.