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Taking a Look in the Bears History Book: Dick Butkus

Dick Butkus
Dick Butkus


It is now the off-season for the Bears. Our beloved team is resting, and beginning to get ready for next season. What can you do in the off-season? Here are a few ideas:

1)  Knit a Ditka sweater vest (they’re very expensive online!)

2)  Make up a Chicago Bears dance (and film yourself doing it… and share it with us here on the website… I’d even feature some on my next post!)

3)  Create your own version of this.

4)  Make a parod y of a song to go with the Bears, like this (Same deal, I'll share on my next post!)

5)  Start a new Brett Favre watch!




Dick Butkus played middle linebacker for the Chicago Bears from 1965-1973.  After retiring from playing the sport, Butkus came back in 1985 as a color analyst for radio broadcasts for his former team. In 1979, he was elected to the pro football hall of fame. Also, in 2000, he was named to the NFL’s all-time team. Finally, Butkus was deemed the most feared linebacker in the NFL, despite his knee injuries.


In 2000, Dick Butkus was said to have become the coach of the XFL’s Chicago Enforcers, however, later he was announced as the XFL Director of Competition for the league’s one-year of existence. (What exactly he did in this position – I’m not sure. I was only able to find information about him speaking for the league…)


On a non-football related note, Butkus went on to a career in acting. For you fellow Bears fans, he played himself In Brian’s Song. He also made appearances in movies such as Necessary Roughness, Any Given Sunday, and Gus. He also appeared on a few TV shows: Coach and MacGyver, to name two. I also read that he was in an episode of Murder She Wrote wearing only a towel... He also sold the "Qwik Cook Grill" in an infomercial. (Bonus Points: If you can find any footage of this informercial, I’ll give you a special shoutout in my next post!)


Most recently, in 2008, Butkus made a nationwide campaign called "I Play Clean" to help keep anabolic steroids out of high school atheletics. Also, he also starred in a FedEx commercial in 2009 (I’m sure many of you have seen the "I’m sorry, Dick Butkus commercial).


In conclusion, after a successful career with our beloved Chicago Bears, Dick Butkus became a successful endorser, broadcaster, philanthropist, and actor. 




There is a new speeding law in Illinois. For your first offense, you get Bears tickets. For the second offense, you have to use them. ;)


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