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The Bears Den: 01/15/10


...where we're not ready to panic.  Yet.

Sorry for the delay this morning; technical difficulties abound.

A great Free Agent tracker from

NYG's get one man Chicago wanted... is Bill Cowher next?

Lester Wiltfong, Jr. sets the record straight.

An absolute must-read from Rick Reilly.

Mully: We're not in as bad of a situation as it may seem.

When Da Coach speaks, we listen. 

Who made AP's All Pro honors?

RosenBlog: From Chicago to Knoxville?  

In case you missed it during all of the coordinator buzz, Lester updated his post on rules pertaining to coaching changes.

Do not miss this story about Marvin Harrison and that infamous shooting situation.  It's several pages long, but the revelations are just... wow.