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Chicago Bears Offensive Coordinator Watch: Day 15 (Open Thread)

While the loss of Gaines Adams continues to dominate Bears news, the Bears as an organization must continue to press on.

They are still in the hunt for coordinators, and the offensive plan is still muddy to our point of view. The hiring of Mike Tice last week seems to show a commitment to redeveloping the offensive line, but unfortunately it also raises some questions.

What kind of coordinator is going to want to come in and and have their staff dictated to them? Zampese spent two days interviewing last week, but we haven't heard anything since then.

MuleTrain mentioned this article in the Monday Morning linkset, but Jeff Dickerson wrote on Saturday that Rob Chudzinski from San Diego and Clyde Christensen from Indianapolis could both be in the running.

Neil Hayes also wrote over the weekend that Chan Gailey could be a possible interest for the position as well.

Rob Chudzinski is the Assistant Head Coach in charge of Tight Ends for San Diego, who just got eliminated from the playoffs. He was also the OC for the Browns in 07-08. 

Clyde Christensen is the man in charge of Wide Receivers in Indianapolis. I believe that the production of the Wide Receivers in Indianapolis does not need to be recapped at this time.

Chan Gailey is a former head coach for both the Dallas Cowboys and Georgia Tech, in addition to OC duties for the Kansas CIty Chiefs a while back.

These names are, I have to say, not particularly awe-inspiring. Chan Gailey would increase the number of former NFC Head Coaches on staff to four. 

Feel free to share any info you may have about them, or your thoughts, below.