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Gone Too Soon

Wcg_thumb_notes_mediumUnfortunately, Gaines Adams' career as a Chicago Bears was so short the only time you heard his name was the day he was traded for and the unfortunate, sad day of his passing. His life coming to a tragic end on Sunday at the age of 26.

The Bears traded for Adams on October 16 because they saw something in the young, talented defensive end. With the tutelage of Bears defensive line coach Rod Marinelli, many thought Adams would take the next step in his career; tapping into the raw athleticism and speed that made Adams the number four overall pick in 2007 by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

More depressing than missing out on the on field future of Adams, was the loss of never getting to know the man off the field. Only being in Chicago for three months, we as Bears fans never got a chance to build a bond with #99. His time in Chicago was spent getting to learn his new city and team surroundings. He played sparingly for a Bears defense that was trying to find its own identity.

Friends describe Gaines Adams as a free spirit and gentle soul. Never knowing the man, this is the way he should be remembered.

Being a fan of the Bears, when talking about our beloved football team, we tend to use the word ‘We’. As Lovie Smith says, the fans are the Fourth Phase of the Chicago Bears. We build a bond with players; live and die with every loss or victory.

Losing such a young player that was just becoming endearing to us, seems like being cheated. When hearing friends and family talk about Gaines, you wish you had a chance to meet him. A chance to be around him.

The move from Tampa Bay to Chicago was supposed to be what Adams needed to jump start a very promising football career. It was also supposed to be a chance for the city of Chicago and the Bears franchise to gain another outstanding young man.