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Chicago Bears Roster Turnover: Quarterback

Wcg_thumb_roster_mediumIn this ongoing series I'll be looking at the possibilities for the 2010 Chicago Bears roster on a position by position basis. Every year there is a good amount of turnover on each team; injuries, age, draft status, contract, free agency, and player personality are some of the things that go into deciding the 53 man roster. Of course talent factors in, but it can occasionally get trumped by something else. With the labor talk clouding the 2010 season (Salary cap or no?) there may be changes to some players free agent status, and with the troubling economy there may be even more teams looking to shave payroll.

A couple weeks back, fellow WCG writer, MuleTrain posted his take on the subject with his; Way, Way Too Early 2010 Roster Predictions. If you haven't read it yet take a gander, it's a real solid look at the future of the Bears.

Take the jump and we'll start the series off with a look at quarterback...

QUARTERBACK - Last year at this time Bears fans were hoping Kyle Orton would solidify the position, who knew that Jerry Angelo would shock the NFL world and trade for a potential franchise QB in Jay Cutler. Even though he had his ups and downs in '09, there is no question who the man is moving forward.

Jay Cutler - Signed through 2013 - Yes, I think he'll be around next year. He still has a lot to prove in the NFL, namely if he can lead his team into the playoffs and can cut down on his interceptions. But another year working with the receiving corps will do wonders. He'll be fine.

Caleb Hanie - Signed through 2011 - I see no reason why Hanie wouldn't return next season. Whoever is brought in as offensive coordinator will no doubt build parts of the offense around the talents of Jay Cutler, and Hanie possesses some of those same traits (a big arm and mobile). In my opinion he's a perfect understudy for Cutler.

Brett Basanez - Signed through 2010 - I'm not sure why Basanez was promoted to the active roster for the final game of the season, and I'm not exactly sure if the promotion will now make him ineligible for the practice squad next year, but regardless his spot on the roster isn't a sure thing.

2010 QB OUTLOOK - Cutler is the obvious #1, but I could see Angelo looking over the free agent pool to bring in a wily veteran to compete for the #2. Cutler has proven to be a durable player, but there are no guarantees. And how comfortable would Bears brass be with Hanie having to take snaps for an extended number of games? The free agent pool isn't very impressive, but a guy like Jon Kitna could bring some experience to the position. Signing someone that has played in whatever system the new O.C. would bring over is another thought.