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The Bears Den: 1/19/10

Impatiently waiting since January, 1986.

Investigation Continues After Dusty Dvoracek's Arrest - - Oklahoma City, OK --Is this what gets him let go? Update: I'm an idiot, and it was late, and I forgot they waived him a really exceptionally long time ago. Thanks BNecessities Blogs-Signs point to end of Tomlinson’s ride in San Diego --I believe he would make a solid tandem back for Matt Forte

And finally, a note: We are well aware that there is a recording out there purporting to be the 911 call of Gaines Adams' girlfriend. Out of respect for his family and friends, we have chosen not to post that link on this site. We believe that to be something of a highly personal nature, and feel it is not a boundary that needs to be crossed. Please honor the request of the administrators of this site, and do likewise.

You stay classy, Windy City.