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Chicago Bears Coordinator Watch: Day 16 (Open Thread)

It's been relatively quiet from Halas Hall the last several days, especially considering that after The Press Conference Heard 'Round Chicago, Bears President Ted Phillips seemed to be giving daily interviews to anyone who would listen.

Lovie Smith did say that the team would take their time in finding the right coaches to direct the offense and defense, and Phillips even said that we might be looking at some coaches who are still in the playoffs.  

As for the actual day-to-day operations, and who we are talking to, no one knows.  Bears fans are typically an impatient bunch, so no news is often interpreted as bad news... many folks are accusing the team of dragging its feet, or not doing enough to secure attractive candidates.

Since we haven't heard too much lately from the team, let's take the time to compose a short list of who we might realistically be looking at.

Who might be the top two or three candidates for the Offensive and Defensive Coordinator positions, and why?

UPDATE: The Bears are interviewing Mike DeBord today for the TE coach position.  The guy has been in the game for a lot of years... I wonder what is up though with the Offensive Coordinator position?

DeBord spent the last two seasons with the Seahawks as an offensive line assistant under Mike Holmgren in 2008 and tight ends coach for Jim Mora in 2009.


This past season DeBord tutored second-year tight end John Carlson, who caught 51 passes for 574 yards and a team-leading 7 touchdowns.