Amazing Stat.

Today on 670 the Score Mulley and Hanley said this.

Since Lovie has arrived he has drafted 27 defensive players in the 5 drafts he has been a part of. (6th coming up)

Now you think "27 players? Really thats alot! I bet most are starters on this team." Do you really want to know how many are starters?

12! Good Joke

10? No

8. No way Jose

6? Closer..

The answer is FOUR. 4 freaking players. Now time to guess who they are.

Tommie Harris- a gimp.

Afalava-A rookie who misses tackles.

Kevin Payne-takes horrible angles and is a straight-line player.

Zack Bowman-Isn't the greatest pass cover guy but he has a chance.

Now you think "Wait a second three of these players are from recent drafts" Correct! Payne-2007 draft, Afalava-2009 draft. Bowman-2008 Draft. Tommie Harris-2004 Draft.

Woah Wait Now! We haven't had I'm sure there are more starters. You are right. Two are playing for other teams. McGowan for Patriots and Harris for Panthers.

So we have not had a continued GOOD defensive starter from the 2005 Draft to 2009 Draft? Yeah. Angelo sucks.


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